Date: 18/09/2018 | By: Liz Painter
Allan Corfield was nearly £30,000 in debt when he lost his job as an architect. He didn’t need to be in such a big hole, but the way he tells it he was young and irresponsible. He’d just got back from Vegas with his mates when his weeping boss told him he was making him and his colleagues redundant. There was no chance of him finding another job. The recession had hit and there were no architect jobs being advertised… Read More
Date: 18/09/2018 | By: Stu Avis
Introduction: Over the last few weeks, a number of businesses I know have received very negative ‘reviews’ on Facebook from accounts and people that are completely unknown to them. It has become clear that there is a distinct rise in these reputation damaging posts and I wanted to share one way that you can deal effectively with this, should you be unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of something like this. The Details. Most of the time, posts,… Read More
Date: 18/09/2018 | By: Kevin Brent
Are you tempted to re-sell someone else’s product to boost your topline revenue?   On the surface, becoming a distributor for a popular product can appear to be a simple way to grow your sales—simply find something that is already proven to be successful elsewhere and negotiate the rights to sell it in your local market.   While distributing someone else’s product may be a relatively easy way to grow your topline, all that revenue growth may do little for… Read More
Date: 13/09/2018 | By: Kevin Brent
  We get to see a lot of company founders who are contemplating an exit. Some of our customers get lucky early in life, but in the vast majority of examples where a founder is getting a seven- or eight-figure offer, it is not their first rodeo. In fact, most owners have had multiple failures and modest successes before their first big exit.   One of the most compelling reasons to consider selling your business is to give yourself a… Read More
Date: 13/09/2018 | By: Andy Phillips
Back injuries are common in the workplace and are typically the result of a strain or sprain to back ligaments or muscles, the spinal cord, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, sacrum or coccyx. What’s more, you do not need to work in a labour-intensive job to experience back problems. We can all maintain back health by keeping these tips in mind during the working day: Take small breaks throughout the working day and stretch regularly. Manage stress level to reduce discomfort… Read More
Date: 13/09/2018 | By: Andrew Bradley
Andrew Bradley, takes a look at some of the matters you need to consider from a legal point of view when starting your own business.  For further information, please contact or call 010-5 900919. Structuring your Business How you decide to structure your business is important to its success and how you intend to expand in the future. Why is it important to choose the right structure for your business? There are many ways in which you can structure… Read More
task lists to boost your productivity
Date: 06/09/2018 | By: Mike Gardner
How do you boost your productivity, to the point where you can get 400+ tasks completed each year, 3 tasks at a time? It sounds like a big number, but it's possible to do, and still have time for your friends and family. The system is built around three types of lists - a master task list, an action today list and a "waiting on" list. [capture_email]This strategy to boost your productivity comes from BizSmart Select Member Mike Gardner, aka The… Read More
man typing on Dell laptop with Apple laptop alongside
Date: 28/08/2018 | By: lizpaintercommacomma
Citrus Computing Case Study   The Company   When Breda Hadley and her business partner Keith Rose first launched their business Citrus Computing, back in 2011, they initially ran their business from Breda’s home. As it grew it took over additional rooms in the home and 14 months later they moved to larger premises where the garage had been converted into a fully functioning office.   Based in Kidderminster, the company offers its customers the whole range of IT services which include support, consultancy and installation through to networking, new servers,… Read More
Date: 21/08/2018 | By: Paul Rhodes
I’ve heard this response more times than I care to remember. I’m in a prospect’s office, typically the Owners with a large bookcase of business classics like Gitomer’s “Sales Bible” and Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” and everything is going well. I never promise anything too early, I’m not a YES man, instead I’m there to understand the company, it’s motivation and what needs to be delivered to determine a successful outcome. Before I get into my opinion, based on… Read More