Date: 25/06/2019 | By: Sara Marrett
There are many benefits to employing remote workers for your business, such as reduced overheads and better flexibility. But managing them comes with its own challenges. On-site employees jesting that their homeworker colleagues are “slacking”, and a lack of visibility on productivity are just some of the obstacles you might face when managing remote workers. Then there’s the unusual interruptions that can arise when working from home. Remember when Professor Robert Kelly’s children decided to gate crash his live interview… Read More
Date: 25/06/2019 | By: Kevin Brent
      NEW EPISODE……    Beth Williams is a terrestrial ecologist which means that she understands all about how land based organisms (including us) interact with each other and their environment.  It is through this understanding that Beth became passionate about raising awareness of the consequences of marine plastics long before before it became widely known - and that led to Turtle Bags, Beth’s company.   This is unlike any other story we’ve heard on the ScaleUp Radio podcast;… Read More
Date: 20/06/2019 | By: Andrew Bradley
Landlords are you complying with the Tenant Fees Act 2019? What is the effect of the act? The Tenant Fees Act 2019 states that as of June 1st 2019 a landlord or letting agent can now only charge a fee for rent, utilities, council tax and certain late payment fees. The Act also caps what a landlord or letting agent can charge for both refundable security and holding deposits and any changes sought by a landlord regarding an ongoing tenancy agreement.… Read More
Date: 20/06/2019 | By: Kevin Brent
    NEW EPISODE……    You generally find that pictures and words go together very well - that was certainly the case for Liz Painter, as she describes in this week’s episode of ScaleUp Radio.   Liz was working with her husband - a photographer - and she was providing the copy to accompany his images, using her skills acquired from her background as a journalist. From that, Liz began getting more and more copy work away from journalism -… Read More
Date: 20/06/2019 | By: Kevin Brent
Many of us rely on referrals for a significant portion of our business - and yet for many of us this is ad-hoc at best. Take a look at this video - it should make you smile at least!  BizSmart Select Member Philippe Ingels from Wakster put it together to help our BNI Chapter  explain how our referral strategy works. BNI is not for everyone - but it does represent a proven referral strategy.  If referrals are important to you and… Read More
quarterly plans
Date: 19/06/2019 | By: lizpaintercommacomma
Our BizSmart Select Members – the carefully vetted businesses we recommend to our own clients – regularly end up working with us as BizSmart clients too. It’s a circular relationship where everyone benefits.   And Matthew Parsons, the MD of Surf Tech IT, is no stranger to this symbiotic relationship. As well as being our go to IT support service provider, Matt has benefited from taking part in BizSmart’s Boost Camp.   Boost Camp is our four-month programme that looks… Read More
Date: 11/06/2019 | By: Gill Hutchinson
A multi-touch campaign requires thought. In reality everything requires thought, but sometimes when we are busy it is all too easy to simply think “that’ll do.” Going too far the other way doesn’t work either. Getting stuck in the “it has to be perfect” mentality can cause paralysis. The advantage about working with us, is that we have a good process for ensuring that the touches are designed, created and implemented to a high standard in the required time frame.… Read More
Date: 11/06/2019 | By: Kevin Brent
NEW EPISODE……          Mark Nash is quite a humble guy.  As you’ll hear in our chat, Mark describes Nash Business Systems as a team of software developers, based in Redditch - but they are so much more than that.   Going back to 2009, Mark did some work for his Dad - and it was that family link that kick started the business, and started Mark on his ScaleUp journey.   Over the past 10 years, Nash… Read More
Date: 06/06/2019 | By: lizpaintercommacomma
IT support doesn’t always sound like an exciting topic – but not getting it right can have a huge negative impact on a business.   What would happen if your servers went down for an hour? A day? A week? How much would it cost your business if none of your staff could use their computers?   Matthew Parsons of Surf Tech IT is one of our hand-picked BizSmart Select Members – someone we recommend to our own clients when… Read More