Date: 14/02/2019 | By: Kevin Brent
ScaleUp Club is changing up a gear – you might even say it is ‘scaling up’! It is now running in partnership with Worcestershire Business Central (WBC)– and it’s going to be moving around the region – making it easier for business owners in different parts of Worcestershire to attend – and it will be free!   ScaleUp will run alongside ‘Inspiring Growth’ - a parallel stream of events run by WBC – all under the scaling up ‘pillars’ of… Read More
Date: 07/02/2019 | By: Kevin Brent
  Asking customers to pay to join a special group of your best patrons can increase your revenue, encourage customers to buy new products and services from you, and provide a healthy boost to your cash flow. Just ask Jeff Bezos, the founder of and the chief architect behind Amazon Prime. In exchange for £79 a year, Amazon Prime customers get: Free two-day shipping on millions of items Unlimited streaming videos and TV shows 350,000 books to borrow for… Read More
Date: 07/02/2019 | By: Andy Phillips
Cyber-security threats and trends can change year over year as technology continues to advance at alarming speeds. As such, it’s critical for organisations to reassess their data protection practices at the start of each new year and make achievable cyber-security resolutions to help protect themselves from experiencing data breaches and paying costly fines under the GDPR.Implement the following are resolutions to ensure you don’t become the victim of a cyber-crime: Provide security training—Employees are your first line of defence when… Read More
Black Pear Electrical van
Date: 02/02/2019 | By: lizpaintercommacomma
Each month we catch up with one of our clients - knowing that they'll undoubtedly have some useful insights we can share with you. This month we spoke to Paul Sweeney, one of the founders of Black Pear Electrical who explains how a mindset shift set them on a better path.   The Company   Black Pear Electrical is an electrical contracting team, specialising in working with hotels and the retail sector. They work with major chains and small independents… Read More
Date: 25/01/2019 | By: Kevin Brent
You may be years away from selling your business, but it’s never too early to understand what the process involves. If you have ever promised your child a treat in return for good behavior, you know all about negotiating leverage. When selling an attractive business, you also have leverage—but only up to the point where you sign a letter of intent (LOI), which almost always includes a “no shop” clause requiring you to terminate discussions with other potential buyers while your… Read More
Date: 25/01/2019 | By: Sara Marrett
How to spot and stop sexual harassment in your business Just last week, a BBC documentary and trending advert from Gillette shed more light on the continuing issue of sexual harassment in the workplace. This has been a globally trending topic in recent years thanks to progressive movements such as #MeToo and #TimesUp. However, recent storylines in the media suggest that more awareness is needed for the problem to be understood in everyday work situations.   Why more needs to… Read More
Date: 22/12/2018 | By: Melanie Hawkett
This month our featured BizSmart® Select Member is one of our Core Advisers, Melanie Hawkett.   The Core Advisers work one-on-one with BizSmart® clients to give them specialist support in a range of areas, including business strategy, managing people and cash, and accessing grant funding.   Core Advisers also run our SmartBoards® – monthly online meetings with several business owners, providing support, dealing with business challenges and discussing new ideas and opportunities for growth.   We asked Mel to tell us… Read More
Date: 15/12/2018 | By: Kevin Brent
Deck:  Business valuation goes beyond simple mathematics, but to get some idea of what your business might be worth, consider the three methods below.     Your business is likely your largest asset so it's normal to want to know what it is worth. The problem is: business valuation is what one might call a "subjective science." The science part is what people go to school to learn: you can get an MBA or a degree in finance, or you can… Read More
Date: 14/12/2018 | By: Louise Blunt
Lean management can help every business. That might sound ambitious – you’ve probably heard about lean being used in manufacturing, in production lines, and perhaps in public sector processes.   But the reality is that lean principles still apply in a service business or office environment. These are universal principles.   If you’d like to find out why that is, and how lean can benefit your business, tune in to BizSmart Core Adviser, Louise Blunt, as she talks about this on… Read More