Date: 22/12/2018 | By: Melanie Hawkett
This month our featured BizSmart® Select Member is one of our Core Advisers, Melanie Hawkett.   The Core Advisers work one-on-one with BizSmart® clients to give them specialist support in a range of areas, including business strategy, managing people and cash, and accessing grant funding.   Core Advisers also run our SmartBoards® – monthly online meetings with several business owners, providing support, dealing with business challenges and discussing new ideas and opportunities for growth.   We asked Mel to tell us… Read More
Date: 15/12/2018 | By: Kevin Brent
Deck:  Business valuation goes beyond simple mathematics, but to get some idea of what your business might be worth, consider the three methods below.     Your business is likely your largest asset so it's normal to want to know what it is worth. The problem is: business valuation is what one might call a "subjective science." The science part is what people go to school to learn: you can get an MBA or a degree in finance, or you can… Read More
Date: 14/12/2018 | By: Louise Blunt
Lean management can help every business. That might sound ambitious – you’ve probably heard about lean being used in manufacturing, in production lines, and perhaps in public sector processes.   But the reality is that lean principles still apply in a service business or office environment. These are universal principles.   If you’d like to find out why that is, and how lean can benefit your business, tune in to BizSmart Core Adviser, Louise Blunt, as she talks about this on… Read More
woman walks past bank with pillars and large doors
Date: 10/12/2018 | By: Ian
Applying for finance for your business can be a minefield. How do you make sure you’re investment ready?   BizSmart Core Advisor Ian Priest is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers and has 39 years’ experience in banking and finance. On top of that, he’s also chair of the Midlands Engine Investment Fund Regional Advisory Board and on the regional board of the Institute of Directors.   In his webinar, he talks about the Worcestershire County Council-backed investment… Read More
Date: 08/12/2018 | By: lizpaintercommacomma
The Company   Duncan Ravenscroft set up Macol Consulting in 2014, to help schools and other organisations deal with water hygiene. Based in Bromsgrove, his consultancy offers: - Risk assessments  - Training courses - both BOHS accredited and bespoke awareness  - Trouble-shooting - Management auditing     The Challenge   Duncan was keen to grow the business, with goals including getting accredited, and setting up a new training course in partnership with the professional body, The British Occupational Hygiene Society… Read More
Date: 07/12/2018 | By: Sarah Preece
If you run a clinic you’ll know that managing a diary and answering calls can be quite a juggling act.  All you want to do is spend 1:1 time with your client/patient in a relaxed environment without the sound of a ringing phone in the background. We are an experienced and established telephone answering and diary management team and look after many clinics throughout the UK.  We pay particular attention to your client experience by answering calls promptly and professionally… Read More
Date: 07/12/2018 | By: Andrew Bradley
Should you register your logo as a trade mark? A name, logo or brand style is really important when it comes to gaining recognition as a company. It’s something that is associated with your company and that uniquely identifies your company from the rest of the competition. This name or logo may be capable of being protected as a trade mark. A trade mark is a brand name that enables consumers to identify goods or services as originating from a… Read More
Date: 07/12/2018 | By: Kevin Brent
You already know that your company’s revenue and profits play a big role in how much your business is worth.   Do you also know the role cash flow plays in your valuation?   Cash vs. Profits   Cash flow is different than profits in that it measures the cash coming in and out of your business rather than an accounting interpretation of your profit and loss. For example, if you charge £10,000 upfront for a service that takes you… Read More
Liz Painter standing by window
Date: 01/12/2018 | By: lizpaintercommacomma
Our curated group of BizSmart Select Members are business owners we’ve worked with for many years. Each business has a different specialism and can step in and help our clients and other businesses to grow by adding value in a niche area.   We asked Select Member Liz Painter of Birmingham-based copywriting and content agency Comma Comma to tell us about how she and her team help businesses to bring in more leads and win more clients.   Tell us… Read More