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Date: 26/04/2018 | By: lizpaintercommacomma

People are often reticent to start sending out regular email marketing, post to a blog or share content on social media.


They worry about bombarding people, or they’re not sure what to write about or where to start.


But sending out and posting regular content to build and improve relationships with your clients and contacts is a critical part of your marketing strategy.


In her webinar, BizSmart Select Member Liz Painter of copywriting agency Comma Comma, shares:


  • The three things you need to do help you grow your business through engagement marketing
  • Why engagement marketing is exactly like networking, but without having to leave the office
  • The one thing you should never do if you want to win over your clients and contacts.


You can listen to her webinar here 


Or read on to find out more about building relationships via email marketing, blogs and social media posts.


Where to start with your email marketing


Before you even start looking at using email marketing in your business, you need to be really clear on what you’re trying to achieve.


Do you want to send sales emails to promote a particular product or service, or are you simply aiming to build and enhance relationships with the people on your database. Whatever your goals, it’s important that you don’t make every email a sales email.


If you’re constantly selling, people will switch off. Your goal is to build a relationship and the way you do this is by providing something of value. If you send out regular, useful information that will help your contacts, and only sporadically sell to them, this is much more likely to have a positive impact on your business.


How often should you send out an engagement email?


Most small businesses will want to be sending out an email at least once a week. You need to consider your target market and what suits them, but somewhere between several times a week and fortnightly is a good goal. Any less than that and it’s going to be a challenge to build a solid relationship with the people on your list.


Repurposing your emails as blogs and social media posts


If you’re writing useful content that helps your audience, then you should easily be able to repurpose this as a blog post and also share on social media e.g. on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. The more places you can get your message out there, the more people you’ll reach and the more relationships you’ll build.


Email marketing is like networking


With email marketing you’re building up a relationship over time. In the same way that we gradually learn more about our networking contacts, get to understand their businesses better, and gradually start to trust them, the same thing happens over time with email marketing.


If you’d like to know more, please listen to the webinar where Liz also talks you through the impact email marketing has had on three very different businesses, touches briefly on GDPR (and why there’s no need to panic) and talks more about where to start and what to write about.


Click here to access the webinar 


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