Date: 19/06/2015 | By: Liz Painter
If you haven’t already read our Sounding Board Checklist then that’s a good place to start. If you’re already convinced you need a sounding board or peer support in your life and business then read on… In this modern, technological age there are numerous ways to make progress in your business via the input of other business owners. There are many different online forums and webinars – so many that it can be difficult to know where to start – but… Read More
Date: 12/06/2015 | By: Liz Painter
BizSmart advisor and Lean specialist Louise Blunt delivered this Lunch & Learn webinar on using Lean Management in your business, whatever sector you're in. Read her introduction to the topic below... and/ or [capture_email]  Click here [/capture_email] to listen to the webinar   Ever played the ‘Whack a Mole’ game with your children (or even secretly on your own!)? The one where you dash around whacking moles as they pop up all over the place? Think of it from a business… Read More
Date: 08/06/2015 | By: Liz Painter
Dave Pagett of Page IT Solutions, talking about Monitoring Your Critical IT Systems to Increase Efficiency.[capture_email]Click here for his webinar and/ or read on [/capture_email]What happens when you think about your IT systems in any depth? Do you feel relaxed, knowing that all the right things are in place to keep your business working efficiently, with all of your data safe and secure? Or is it something that you’ve had on your mental to do list for a while? Perhaps your… Read More
Date: 08/06/2015 | By: Liz Painter
  Read on for some key lessons from the recent Lunch & Learn Webinar presented by BizSmart Founder Kevin Brent. To listen to the webinar [capture_email] Click Here [/capture_email]   Key Lessons   Getting a business under control is a continuous cycle of things we need to build on and turn into habits.   In short it comes down to: Plan, Do Review - and repeat.   In order to know the Right things to focus on we need to set ourselves… Read More
Date: 03/06/2015 | By: Liz Painter
There’s a knack to finding the right person for you to bounce ideas off and help with your decision-making process, and things you can do to make the relationship more successful - our sounding board "cheat sheet" will help.   Ask yourself these questions before you start using someone as a sounding board…   Is this person objective?   It’s helpful if the person you’re talking to can be objective and isn’t personally affected by the things you want to… Read More
Date: 30/05/2015 | By: Kevin Brent
All of us are running well-oiled business machines – right?! Of course not – we all have times when we feel out of control – when it seems like we have created a business monster that is controlling us and is never satisfied. Some of us seem to go from ‘feast to famine’ – one moment we can’t keep up, and the next we don’t seem to have anything we need to do Even big businesses that you would think… Read More
Date: 22/05/2015 | By: admin
  Join Philippe Ingels of WAKSTER talking about why wow-factor will boost the effectiveness of everything you do online and where you can find it.[capture_email]Click Here for his webinar[/capture_email] We live in a very noisy world.  We can listen to every competitor as they stand on their soapbox, marketing, explaining and selling their products and services. We have all the tools to copy, paste and tweak their best ideas and make it our own. They do the same. We’re asked to produce an avalanche of content to make sure… Read More
Date: 17/05/2015 | By: Liz Painter
At this webinar, Phil Priest at Earn to Enjoy spoke about focus. [capture_email] Click Here to listen [/capture_email]   Are you so absorbed in the day-to-day running of your business that you forget to focus on some of the really important stuff - like the costs in your business?   Most of us are so busy with input and output, emails and general “stuff” that we don’t see the gorilla in the room. We don’t realise just how important it is to… Read More
Date: 12/05/2015 | By: Liz Painter
Listen to David Lynes of web developers Unique IQ, talking about mobile working. [capture_email] Click Here for the recording of his webinar [/capture_email]   The rise of the mobile workforce has been unprecedented in recent years and the predictions for the future of the industry are staggering. 65% of businesses in the UK expect 30% more of their employees (the equivalent of around 7 million people in Britain) will become mobile workers in the next two years.   Almost three quarters of British… Read More