Date: 21/03/2015 | By: Liz Painter
To listen to Paul's webinar [capture_email] Click Here [/capture_email] with Paul Rhodes of web and mobile app development company, Green Gorilla Apps, talking about how to run a successful remote working business.   In September last year GGA, a six man company, decided to conduct a two-week experiment to see if they could leave their office and successfully run their business via remote working. They never went back.   This webinar tells the story of how it happened and how… Read More
Date: 12/03/2015 | By: Liz Painter
[capture_email]  Click here  [/capture_email] to listen to Sharon's webinar, Creating the Perfect Image with photographer Sharon Trueman,    This webinar covers the importance of having the absolute best image that you can possibly have to promote your business.   First impressions count so when we meet someone for the very first time, research shows we have usually decided in the first 15 seconds if we like that person. I believe this also applies to images we use on a day-to-day basis.… Read More
Date: 09/03/2015 | By: Liz Painter
In this Lunch and Learn webinar Richard Waldron of Oaktree Telemarketing will be looking at the pros and cons of insourced versus outsourced telemarketing, to give an insight into what route to take when implementing your sales strategy. However this begs another question, which is "should we undertake telemarketing at all?". [capture_email] Listen to the recording here  [/capture_email]   There is absolutely no doubt that many more potential prospects can be communicated to via advertising, social media, email campaigns etc and… Read More
Date: 09/03/2015 | By: Alison Tarry
As small business owners who have been there and done it (and are still very much ‘wearing the t-shirt’), we understand as well as anybody that the path to business success is never an easy or straightforward one. Sometimes the path is curvy, other times it’s blocked. Sometimes it’s hidden. It’s perfectly normal to zig and zag in business. Who was it that said ‘If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere’ or ‘a… Read More
Date: 04/03/2015 | By: Liz Painter
Thirteen may be unlucky for some but we’re not superstitious, and we have some great tips for finding new ways to grow your business: 1. Plan to Grow – Have a Strategy Start with a plan. Successful growth needs long-term focus, commitment and action.  Consider the effects of growth on funding, people, infrastructure, systems and leadership. 2. Ensure Your Business is Under Control Can you cope with increased demand?  Make sure you can handle customers efficiently from start to finish. … Read More
Date: 04/03/2015 | By: Liz Painter
  When you first go into business for yourself, you have a vision.  Maybe you have a passion or talent for something and you want to share it.  Maybe you’ve seen an opportunity that’s too good to pass up or a product that you believe in. A few months or years down the road and reality sets in.  Running a business is hard work and there are lots of different balls for you to try to keep in the air. … Read More
Date: 04/03/2015 | By: Liz Painter
Melanie Hawkett of Source & Effect gives her top ten tips for purchasing and procurement: 1. Understand and review your spend regularly. What are you spending money on, how much, with who and how often? 2. Understand who your top ten suppliers are and make sure you have a clear plan to manage them and make the most of the relationship. 3. Always consider the TOTAL cost of a purchase to your business e.g. delivery, return on investment etc. 4.… Read More
Date: 04/03/2015 | By: Liz Painter
Is your business a lean mean fighting machine or a sluggish sloth-like creature?  Does everything work cleanly and efficiently or do you and your staff lose hours a week to clunky systems that aren’t fit for purpose? Lean thinking is used throughout the business world and beyond to save organisations time and money.  But it’s not just for massive corporations or huge public sector organisations like the NHS.  Everyone from the freelancer or one-man band to the substantial SME will… Read More
Date: 04/03/2015 | By: Liz Painter
We’ve invited Lee Clark from Oaktree Telemarketing Services, to contribute to the BizSmart blog.  Here’s his first post, and there’ll be more to follow... Whether telemarketing works or not is quite a polarising subject in my experience. So, as a Sales Director for a very capable and successful telemarketing agency, what do I hear from prospects on this subject? "Our message to market is too complicated for a telemarketer to understand" This statement has the chance to cause quite a… Read More