Date: 16/11/2018 | By: Kevin Brent
  In an analysis of more than 14,000 businesses, a new study finds the most valuable companies take a contrarian approach to the boss doing the selling.   Who does the selling in your business?  My guess is that when you’re personally involved in doing the selling, your business is a whole lot more profitable than the months when you leave the selling to others.   That makes sense because you’re likely the most passionate advocate for your business. You… Read More
3 cowboys standing outside a saloon
Date: 14/11/2018 | By: Steve Parker
How do you avoid working with cowboys? It’s not always easy – most “cowboys” won’t be wearing Stetsons and riding a horse.   But there are things you can do to make it more likely that you develop business relationships with the right kind of people.   BizSmart Core Adviser Steve Parker has been successfully exporting to markets worldwide for more than 30 years. He’s built his success on forming relationships with connections in the Middle East, Far East, Australasia, the USA, Europe,… Read More
Date: 11/11/2018 | By: Stuart Avis
Every business needs marketing resources. For some, a business card and a Facebook page may suffice. Others may need a whole suite of tools - website, flyers, banners, brochures, several social channels, MailChimp campaigns, press adverts, promotional items and more besides.   Listen to BizSmart Select Member Stu Avis Audacious Creative Communications webinar to discover as a graphic designer, why it’s his job not just to understand what you want and design it but why you want a particular resource and how… Read More
Date: 02/11/2018 | By: Mike Gardner
We all spend far too much time dealing with email.  If I was to have a look at your inbox, how many emails would I find cluttering it up? If you’re like most entrepreneurs, the answer is far too many!   You may be surprised to learn that if you were brave enough to monitor the time you actually spend dealing with email, it would amount to between two and three hours each and every day. To put it into… Read More
Date: 02/11/2018 | By: Andrew Bradley
There are many complex issues that can arise out of the decision to use the same or a similar name to an insolvent company, also known as using: “prohibited name”. Doing so incorrectly can lead to a fine, imprisonment, or both; as well as personal liability for Directors. The Insolvency Team at Bradley Haynes Solicitors explains how to navigate the pitfalls and the Insolvency Rules to safely reach the other side.  INTRODUCTION If you are a director of a company that has gone… Read More
Date: 02/11/2018 | By: Kevin Brent
There’s a steady breeze from the northwest, which cools the warm Caribbean afternoon. Framed between a palm tree and the turquoise water, you notice a man reading. He appears to be working, which seems strange given his appearance: shaggy blonde hair, linen shirt, surf shorts and flip-flops.   You squint and realise the man is Richard Branson and he just happens to be running Virgin Group Ltd., a multibillion-pound conglomerate. He is working where he usually does, at Necker Island,… Read More
Date: 26/10/2018 | By: Sara Marrett
It’s time to address the time wasters on your team Before we talk about the time wasters on your team, it’s important to note that time wasting is a human habit that all of us can fall victim to once in a while. “Not me, I’m always busy” you may say, but if you’re reading this post it could suggest that you have been putting off a difficult conversation. The one which addresses the time wasters on your team. Procrastination… Read More
Date: 26/10/2018 | By: Gill Hutchinson
  Conscious incompetence is when you are aware of of what you don’t know. One of the keys in running a successful business is to be realistic about your skills, you can’t be good at everything after all. Outsourcing is important at this point as you hand over some aspects of your business to reliable professionals.   Richard Branson is well known for commenting “what I am good at doing is finding brilliant people,” and the trick of outsourcing is… Read More
Date: 26/10/2018 | By: Kevin Brent
  When you look ahead to next year, will your growth come from selling more to your existing customers or finding new customers for your existing products and services?   The answer may have a profound impact on the value of your business.   Take a look at the research coming from a recent analysis of owners who completed their Value Builder Sellability Score questionnaire. We looked at 5,364 businesses and found that the average company that had received an… Read More