The Sales Generator Process
Date: 19/10/2017 | By: Gill Hutchinson
The processes of sales and marketing can often overlap and it’s not always clear where different parts of the sales and marketing process fall.   Who is responsible for each part of the process?   It helps to define exactly what marketing is and how it relates to “suspects” and “prospects”.   In a joint webinar with Select Members Gill Hutchinson from Aardvark Marketing and Nigel Dunand from Sandler Training, we cover the definitions of “sales” and “marketing".   In… Read More
Date: 16/10/2017 | By: Kevin Brent
This tutorial is about core values and defining what you and your business really stand for. It is fundamental to gaining focus and ultimately control over your business – and creating a successful business.  It is the first step in creating a powerful vision for your business and the next four tutorials will enable us to complete our vision As defined by Jim Collins,  A powerful vision is made up of our core ideology and our envisioned future  - representing what we… Read More
tax efficient
Date: 12/10/2017 | By: Simon Baldwin
How can you make plans to ensure your finances are arranged in a tax efficient way?   Tax planning can seem complicated, but in an environment of low returns and inflationary pressures, it’s more important than ever.   BizSmart Select Member Simon Baldwin is an authority on tax efficient investment planning for business owners. He's also a Certified Financial Planner, whose advice is guaranteed by FTSE 100 company St James’s Place.   [capture_email] Click here to listen to his webinar, or… Read More
Date: 02/10/2017 | By: lizpaintercommacomma
 Smart Matters: October 2017   Can a Virtual Assistant deliver tangible support? Do you run your own business or work in a large company? Do you outsource support, or manage an internal team? Whatever your situation, at some point in business, you will need to generate extra capacity.  It could be to focus on developing the business or just get to the end of your ‘to do’ list.   BizSmart Select Member Zoë Thomson of Smart PA explains how to… Read More
Date: 27/09/2017 | By: lizpaintercommacomma
Emotional marketing is an effective way to set your social media, website and newsletters on fire. A firecracker without a match to set it off isn’t going to make much of an impact. A good product or service without an emotion-evoking message isn’t going to be all that persuasive. In this webinar click here, Philippe Ingels of WAKSTER looks at the importance of emotional marketing, and explains why it's so effective. Listen to the webinar here, or read on...  … Read More
Date: 18/09/2017 | By: Zoë Thomson
The ability to increase capacity within your business (and perhaps hand over those jobs you would rather not do) sounds great in theory and more and more businesses are using a virtual assistant. Increasingly businesses are embracing flexible and remote working to reduce overheads, but should you allow an ‘outsider’ into the innermost workings of your business? Can a VA really deliver tangible support?  In this week’s webinar, BizSmart Select Member Zoe Thomson of Smart PA explores what a VA service… Read More
Buying or Selling a Business
Date: 28/08/2017 | By: Ian
There is a lot to consider when buying or selling a business, and BizSmart Core Advisor Ian Priest covered this in his first webinar, here. If you haven't already listened to it, it's a good place to start.   With more than 33 years in the banking sector, Ian has a great deal of experience in this arena. In this follow-up webinar, he takes a closer look at buying and selling businesses. [capture_email]You can listen here or read on for more… Read More
Measure the impact of social media
Date: 10/08/2017 | By: Helen Coldicott
It’s easy to spend a lot of time on your social media accounts, but unless you measure the impact of your social media activities, how do you know what’s working?   In earlier blogs and webinars, BizSmart Select Member Helen Davies of Coldicott Freelance Training has covered which social media channels to use and what to post. The next natural question is, is it worth all that effort? We all know how popular social media is. After all, it's free,… Read More
Date: 04/08/2017 | By: Gill Hutchinson
Are you buying marketing without a list/ a clear set of Marketing Objectives? Have you ever stood at the checkout in grocery supermarket and wondered how you managed to spend so much?  The big retailers are expert in getting shoppers to buy more than they intended, investing huge sums in research, focus groups, loyalty cards etc. so it’s not a huge surprise that it works. BizSmart Select Member Gill Hutchinson of Aardvark Marketing looks at marketing objectives and 'shopping when hungry' in her… Read More